Autonomous Car Makers Hit Brakes

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Road death via Uber vehicle causes companies to rethink their testing strategy Everybody knows, clearly or vaguely, that someday our cars will drive us around autonomously, but their time of arrival has been a heated topic. While the optimistic argue such cars are only three to five years away, many others insist it may take 10…


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  • Cialisonline said:
    April 5, 2018 at 9:27 am

    My very first car was a 1984 Black Saab 900 Turbo 2 door with red velour interior. Back then, Saabs were a novelty and I waited over 6 months after placing an order with the local SAAB dealer and when the car still didn”t show, I went to ZUMBACH (does anybody remember?) In Manhattan where they had a car on the floor with fog lites and fog light guards dressed in Black… Absolutely beautiful. That was the last year of the 8 valve engines. The following year they introduced the 16 valve. I will never forget the Turbo whine as one spooled the engine up into higher RPMs… It was such a beautiful sound Back then, us SAAB owners would actually flash our headlights at each other (does anyone remember that?) No one does that anymore. Car drove great, had that SAAB VIGGEN inspired dashboard and a night you felt like you were piloting a mission to Mars. Unfortunately, it has its share of minor problems- coolant leaks, expansion tank cracks, flywheelbut the engine was rock solid We made a million road trips. With the rear seats folded, you could move into a college dorm room, and we did. You could even sleep in the car! Kept the car until 200K miles when the transmission started to wear out,,,unfortunately someone hit the car while it was sitting in front of my house and the insurance company totaled it.still regret losing that one

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