‘Bullet Bra’ – Depressing Fashion Trends we tend to Hope History can ne’er Repeat

An anomaly that the planet hopes can keep confined to the late Nineteen Forties and Fifties, bullet bras were all over for some years. The sharply pointed bras were worn by all the well-dressed girls, and a few styles were actually dangerous enough to place out a watch. The bullet brassiere became the must-have accent for the classic pinup women of the time. a lot of properly called the Chansonette brassiere, the bullet brassiere appeared in Frederick’s of Hollywood and shortly became a fashion icon.[7] a part of the bra’s quality was thanks to war II and also the nylon material restrictions it created; spiral sewing and completely different materials created bras stiffer and pointier. The bullet brassiere light into obscurity within the late Fifties with the increase of the softer, a lot of gender-neutral fashions of the Nineteen Sixties, although it did relish a revitalisation in quality due to Madonna’s 1990 “Blonde Ambition” look.