The magic show “The Magic Box” was held through the splendid organizing. …

The magic show “The Magic Box” was held through the splendid organizing. Four young magicians from Bangladesh participated in this magic show.
Their magic presented in aesthetic way. Commander Fazlul Huq Shaki welcomed the attendees and started the program. After that the performance of the magicians started.

In the beginning, the stage came with the magic of Swapan Dinar. Her presentation impressed everyone. After winning the music, one by one magical one won the mind of everyone. Then came the stage on the stage of the magic Mizanur Rahman Yuvraj. His magic convinces everyone who is present. Magazine adds new dimensions to the use of modern equipment.

Then came the stage to the magical Prince Imam. Everyone in the magic trap of his magic is involved. The delightful Magic Presentation is enjoyed by everyone.

Finally, on the stage came the magic of Max Mestal. Who made Magic in London for seven years. All of his presentations are enjoyed by people like Manmurmukh. Everybody in the gauntlet gets back. Hasan Saif, the organizer of The Dreamers, said that preparations were made in time.

Attempted to bring innovation to the presentation. Above all, we have tried to present the world-class magic show to the present generation. On the other hand, Amit of The Dreamers said that the team of “The Magic Box” has been grooming for a long time, due to which we were able to show the best show to the visitors.
Al-Amin controls the music in “The Magic Box”. Rashedul Islam, Azmi Chowdhury, Farah Dinbar and Mizanur Rahman Rizu collaborated in Magic Presentation.