Make cash from Facebook Videos

The Facebook Watch is video platform a bit like as YouTube. Currently, the manner we tend to earn from YouTube, within the same manner we will conjointly earn from Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch can share fifty fifth of the Adverting revenue to video creators and that they can keep forty fifth.

Last year FB proclaimed that video creators will monetisation their video and earn cash from Facebook Watch. They introduced new loyalty insights, together with a replacement metric inside the Insights tab of Creator Studio. so creators and publishers will track their content and viewers. the most goal is to create a business on Facebook with the tools. This interface is thus easy so publishers and creators will use simply.

They introduced in five countries (US, UK, Ireland, New island, and AU) for the take a look at purpose. At the tip of the year, FB watch are increasing to several counties supporting English content and a few native languages. within the coming back year, they require to expand to most of the counties and language.

To earn cash, creators should have a Facebook page. Facebook Watch doesn’t permit to earn cash exploitation Personal ID. Creators ought to meet FB community guideline monetisation Eligibility Standards and below needs.

Five rules to follow:
i) Facebook Page (Not personal ID)
ii) The video ought to be a minimum of three minutes
iii) 10,000 Likes/Follower
iv) over thirty,000 views over the two months (views count minimum 1-minute)
v) Country convenience

Currently Ad Breaks Country and Language Availability:

Languages: English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Thai.

Countries: us, uk, Australia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark , state, Ecuador, Central American nation, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Jordan, Mexico, New island, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, European nation, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

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