Some questions each woman Wants To Ask During Sex – however Doesn’t!

Women area unit curious creatures. Yes, even once we’re having sex! what is the downside with that?! Our minds simply cannot pack up, thus here area unit some real and, um, a small amount funny queries that each woman desires to raise…during SEX! (But we have a tendency to don’t really raise them, we swear!)

1. Am I doing this right?

2. however long does one assume we’ll be at it this time?

3. Am I sounding sexy? Or a small amount sort of a frog?

4. will this prompt you of gymnasium class? All this athletics hearts and stuff…

5. My tummy feels funny, what’s happening?!

6. are you able to feel my leg hair? I waxed, like, three weeks ago!

7. Actually, are you able to feel something however your own leg hair? simply curious.

8. Do I look smart during this position? Is my abdomen wanting weird?

9. does one expect ME to try and do to your nipples what you simply did to mine?

10. Was that sound me? Or was that you? Did you even hear it?

11. Okay, your face is all scrunched up – is that pleasure or area unit you in pain?